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Training and Influences

Ailon is primarily a “self-taught” artist, although he claims to have been guided to paint by spirits and “muses” that he encountered during years of intensive meditation.

His first significant drawings were made in 1990 in Safed, a small, mystical hilltop town in Israel that is the ancient home of Kabbalah.

Later that year he moved to India and learnt about using paint in a four-day workshop entitled “Zen and the Art of Oil Painting.” During that workshop, participants were given two canvases and forced to repeatedly paint over existing images in a new manner every hour or two. Once participants overcame their effort to “try hard” and “make something perfect,” they all connected to an inexhaustible source of creativity within. Ailon, like everyone else in the group, was astounded by what emerged.

His favoured method of painting is to find some space, put some good music on and have a good time with the paint. In other words to play! His works are essentially about celebration.

His favourite artists are Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte as well as many others who celebrate colour and life

Exhibitions (selected)

Ailon has exhibited internationally in both solo and group shows since 1991. Key exhibits include:-

1991- Osho Commune International, India
1992- Lauderdale House, London (solo)
1992- Gagliardi Gallery, London
1993- Pino Tariche Gallery, Mexico City (solo)
1994-95 - Gubala Gallery, New York City
1995- Temple of the Arts- Brooklyn, NY (solo)
1996 - Diane Stein Gallery, New York City
1996 - New York Dealers Choice Show
1996 - Paradise Nightclub, London
1997 - Bar Rumba, Hampstead, London
1998- The Elephant Gallery, London
2000- Candid Arts Gallery, London (solo)
2002- The Hatbox Gallery, London


British Contemporary Art- 1993
Manhattan Arts magazine-1995
New York Dealers Choice competition- 1996

Future projects

Ailon is currently working on a Tarot deck as well as a book of his art and poetry



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Ailon Free
Ailon Free
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