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Right. It’s a poncey word, but if you’re in the art game you gotta use it

Basically a commission means- “ I’ve got £29 to spend and a nine feet wall and I’m allergic to purple but I do like your Moons. What can you do for me?”

It means designing a piece of art that suits you. 

Your size, your budget, your favourite colours and in the Ailon Free style of your choosing.

The way it works- provided you live within the northern hemisphere-is that I’ll take your brief,or even come over and see your space..and we’ll agree to a design to meet your wishes.

Good places for your commissions include:

Your home

Your office

Your nightclub

Your house of worship

Your theatre backdrop

Have a look at some of the attached examples

One last thing..

I LOVE making BIG paintings.

If you’ve got a large wall and fancy some nice colour on it..then I’m your man

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